Yoga and me.

Hi, I'm Dominique. I teach yoga to groups and individuals across London. My classes are tailored to your needs and can be energetic and stress-busting or softer, more grounding and restorative, with attention to any part of the body that might need extra help. All my classes coordinate mindful breath with precise physical movements that are intended to awaken the body and mind.

My teaching style is influenced by my experience in Ashtanga (a fairly physical and athletic type of yoga), Vinyasa (the umbrella name for yoga that synchronises flowing movement and breath), and Hatha (all pose based yoga is Hatha but it generally means a slower, more restorative style). I was lucky enough to complete my training with Jason Crandall described as "one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga" by Yoga Journal. 

My primary teacher Cat Roberston-Glasgow was kind enough to say: "Dominique has such a rare blend of gentleness and strength. I'm so glad she's gone into teaching as I think she's a person who can genuinely embody yoga." 

However fast or slow we move, whatever shapes we make  whether your aim is to touch your toes, get headspace, ease lower back pain, strengthen your core, or get into a more complicated pose – there is always room for fun and laughter.

See you on the mat!